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How To Get Your Car to 300,000 Miles

Want to know how to make your car reach the 300,000 miles mark? Here are a few tips from the team at Fisk Automotive, located in Fullerton, California:

Change your oil every 3,000 miles, unless your owners’ manual specifies a different mileage point. Oil change is a key component to making sure your vehicle lasts a long, long time.

Bring your vehicle in for minor services, which is usually every 7,500 miles. This usually includes fluid changes, air filter inspection, tire rotation, and a general safety inspection.

Bring your vehicle in for its first major checkup at 15,000 miles, and every 15,000 miles after that. Depending on the vehicle, this major checkup will include an oil change, air filter changes, wiper blade replacement, tire rotation, etc.

Make sure to bring your vehicle in for major service at every 30,000 miles. Fisk Automotive specializes in 30K, 60K, 90K and 105K mile service, also known as A and B services. Our technicians test the vehicle thoroughly and make sure all the fluids have been replaced, the fuel filter has been replaced, and so on.

If you take your vehicle in on a regular basis at the mileages described above, this means your car will serve you well and quite possibly meet or surpass the 300K mileage milestone. Come to think of it, if your vehicle reaches the old age of 300,000 miles or beyond, you may want to consider buying it a birthday cake!

Fisk Automotive proudly serves as the dealership alternative for residents and commuters in the Fullerton region. With our 9 time ASE “Blue Seal of Excellence” certification, rest assured you will always have a quality certified technician servicing your vehicle when you come into Fisk Automotive for a 30000, 60000 or 90000 mile service. For priority scheduling, call our Fullerton location at 714-526-3303 to schedule an appointment.

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