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5 Tips On Getting the Most from Your Auto’s Air Conditioning

During the heat of summer, most drivers and passengers eagerly turn on the auto air conditioner. No one likes to suffer sizzling temperatures, especially those traveling with you, like:

  • Pets
  • Elderly passengers
  • Small children
  • Plants
  • Perishables

Here are a few tips on getting most from your car, truck, or SUV air conditioning:

  1. Before starting the car, take a moment or two to open all the doors and let the hot air out. This will help cool the car’s cabin temperature immediately and take some of the stress off the air compressor when you start the car.
  2. Roll down the windows for a few minutes, start the car, and turn the air conditioning on. For a short while, hot air will be blowing out of the vents, and the open windows will help increase air circulation.
  3. After the air conditioning has been on for a minute, go ahead and roll up your windows so you’re not wasting fuel.
  4. Once the car air gets cooler, push the “recirculate” button so your auto air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard. Recirculating the car air makes the air stay cooler, even when it’s super hot outside and the air is barely getting cold enough.
  5. If you have a rear cabin air conditioner in your SUV or van, save energy and gas by turning it off when you don’t have any passengers in the rear. However, if it’s a sizzling hot day and you have pets, plants, or perishables in your cargo, feel free to use the rear air conditioning unit to keep them from wilting in the heat.

The next time you’re in Fullerton, we invite you to stop by Fisk Automotive to make certain your air conditioner is in tip top shape. There’s no point in suffering the summer heat, and our trained staff can do a quick inspection to make sure all is running to factory specs in your auto’s air conditioner. Call 714-526-3303 to schedule an appointment for an auto air conditioner service checkup.

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