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Car Air Conditioning FullertonMost people tend to wait until the heat comes on strong. We are always pro-active with our clients and start checking your car air conditioning in early spring, before Fullerton residents need it! There are two parts to your car air conditioning system. The controls, fans and cooling system are one part. The refrigerant system is the other side. The compressor, evaporator condenser, drier, control valve and related connecting lines make up the refrigerant side. Modern car air conditioning systems use a relatively small Freon charge to make the system work. Most people don’t understand that if the charge is low, there is a reason for it. Car air conditioning systems are supposed to be sealed. Just adding Freon not only does a disservice to the client, but also will harm the environment. We do not use gimmicks like “sealants” to stop a leak. There is a process of inspection, evaluation and recommendations before we send a vehicle out with a fresh charge. Find the leaks and repair them. It’s that simple. Do you want a quality, long lasting car AC repair? You’ve come to the right shop.

We are conveniently located at 820 West Commonwealth Ave just East of Euclid next to U-Haul in Fullerton, just 3 minutes west of the the old location. Fisk Automotive is easily accessible to residents and local business in Anaheim, only 3 miles away. Call (714) 526-3303 for an appointment, or schedule an appointment online.

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