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When they’re trying to find a place to check their car battery, Fullerton drivers know Fisk Auto is their one-stop shop for all of their automotive needs. Our full-service repair shop is staffed with experienced mechanics who are certified to make sure your car stays in top condition. We’re also happy to check up on any concerns you may have with your car’s starter or overall power system.

Making sure your battery stays charged is essential to maintaining the power that runs your car’s radio, headlights, speakers, and climate system. While your car is running, the part of your car that maintains these functions is not your battery, but your alternator. Fullerton drivers know that making sure a car is able to maintain a healthy battery charge is essential to keeping a car running smoothly and safely. By properly maintaining their car battery, Fullerton drivers are able to avoid major stalls, safety, and comfort issues while on the road. Your car battery and alternator work together to make sure your battery stays charged while it provides power for many, if not all, of your vehicle’s amenities. It is absolutely essential for these two to work together, and having either malfunction is a major safety hazard and should be addressed as soon as you notice any changes in your car’s lighting and audio systems.

We take great pride in making sure your car is diagnosed correctly. Since it is common for battery issues to be associated with alternator issues, Fullerton drivers are advised to make an appointment with us online or on the phone to have their concerns addressed. We offer special discounts on our website, so be sure to check them out and save on any car service we provide, including checking your car battery. Fullerton residents have trusted Fisk Auto for all of their car needs since 1973.

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