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If you read the news, you know that countless Toyota Prius customers have been targeted for their vehicle’s catalytic converters. Replacing a stolen catalytic converter can easily run more than $3000, which is why we recommend installing Cat Security. This product gives your 2004-2015 Prius a theft-proof catalytic converter by installing a plate on the car to make theft difficult.

Car Catalytic Converter

Do you know why your Toyota catalytic converter is being targeted? Prius catalytic converters contain precious metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium and removal is quick and easy. Thieves can crawl under your vehicle and remove it in as fast as three minutes.

This can be more than a hassle, especially if you don’t have comprehensive insurance. Until you get the part replaced, your car will be noisy and won’t pass smog inspections. The cost of a new catalytic converter is over $2100. Adding gaskets, hardware, and a 02 sensor raises the price to more than $2400. And that doesn’t include installation and taxes!

Cat Security

Cat Security provides a sturdy barrier against Toyota catalytic converter theft. This product uses factory mounting that’s already on your vehicle. It also requires special tools to install and remove, making it hard on those looking to make an easy buck at your expense. In addition, Cat Security:

  • Allows technicians to make visual inspections when performing SMOG checks.
  • Is lighter than all other converter security types.
  • Has heat extraction holes that enable proper ventilation of the exhaust area.
  • Improves underbody aerodynamics and may improve gas mileage.
  • Is corrosion-resistant.
  • Does not require welding.

To learn more about Cat Security, check out this short video.

Fisk Automotive is the only ASE Blue Seal-certified and AAA-approved repair facility in Fullerton. This tells you our technicians, staff, and parts retailers are approved by both the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and the American Automobile Association. For decades, we have kept cars running great. This includes ensuring that you don’t have to discover that thieves have stolen your catalytic converter!

To protect your Prius from catalytic converter theft, call Fisk Automotive at 714-526-3303 or schedule an appointment online.

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