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Check Engine Light BMW

Check Engine Light

Did the check engine light BMW recently come on in your vehicle? That means it could be a number of minor or major problems, and you should service engine soon. Your reliable neighbors at Fisk Automotive have the skills necessary to diagnose any potential engine problems.

When the check engine light BMW icon is illuminated on your dashboard, it means a problem has been diagnosed through a system of sensors that provide feedback to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system. When this light becomes illuminated, you need to contact a professional to service engine soon. Some of the things that can trigger the light to come on includes having a loose gas cap, blown head gasket, problems with the fuel injection system, faulty oxygen sensors, cracked or loose hoses, breakdown of the mass air flow sensor, malfunction in the emission control system, faulty wiring, and worn out spark plugs. The professional BMW and ASE certified mechanics at Fisk Auto are qualified to perform the diagnostic testing necessary to determine what needs to be serviced on your vehicle. We have a diagnostic scanner onsite that will give us the precise code, which is stored in your vehicle’s electronic system that explains what caused the light to come on.

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Give us a call today to help if your check engine light BMW has come on. Often the problem may not require immediate attention, but waiting too long could cause additional damage and more costly repairs. If the light is accompanied by an indication of low oil pressure or the vehicle is overheating, it is important that your immediately pull over to a safe location and shut off the engine until repairs are conducted. We care about your safety and the life of your vehicle at Fisk Auto, and we are committed to keeping you on the road. Be sure to also bring in your vehicle if your TPMS light illuminates.

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