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Cooling System

Cooling SystemDid you know a cooling system not operating correctly can turn on the check engine light, create poor fuel mileage, or worse, it can overheat the engine. Your cooling system might be a lesser-known component of your car, unlike the motor, transmission, and other large systems, but it’s a very important part of your vehicle.

Conventional engines produce a controlled explosions as the spark plugs ignite fuel inside each cylinder to propel the vehicle down the road. These explosions heat up the engine considerably (which is why the hood of your car is warm when you stop the vehicle). The cooling system runs liquid coolant in a hose through the engine passages, picking up the heat from the engine. The heated coolant is sent to the radiator, where the fluid is cooled as air passes over the fins. The water pump returns the coolant to the engine to absorb more heat. The coolant system is composed of several parts – the radiator, water pump, cooling fan, hoses, and thermostat – all working to regulate the temperature of your engine to keep the car running. Without a cooling system, your car would overheat and the engine would burn out very quickly.

Signs of Trouble

Do you know that you cooling system may need attention from time to time? It’s usually inspected during a scheduled service at our shop, but if you sense the engine may be running warm or you see a leak (puddling of a green, red or orange fluid), it may require a deeper inspection.

If you know how, release the hood, prop it up and take a look around. Notice any hoses that seeping? Coolant tends to have a “wet” look about it. If there has been a leak over a long time, hoses, connections or even the water pump can develop a “crust” where the coolant has been leaking. Do they seem they are too hard or too soft when squeezing them? Also, your nose may tell you if there is a problem if you detect the odor of “hot coolant”. Even if there is a small leak, a sweet type of odor may be the first sign of a cooling system issue.

Always have a professional look at the vehicle if you notice any signs of trouble from your cooling system. You can always trust the professional team at Fisk Automotive!

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