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Engine Cooling System AnaheimIs your engine cooling system acting hot under the hood while driving around Anaheim? If so, your car cooling system may be having problems that need immediate attention from Fisk Automotive. Get to Fisk Automotive immediately if your engine cooling system gages show rapid temperature rise in your engine, or if you see steam pouring out from under the engine’s hood.

The car cooling system uses coolant (a mixture of antifreeze and water) to remove heat produced by the engine. The engine cooling system needs to be flushed to remove debris that could lower its efficiency. The engine’s cooling system should be flushed every second year or every 30,000 miles to prevent the radiator from getting clogged with debris. Manufacturers may specify particular types of coolant to be used in their engines; consult your owners manual for more information on the correct coolant to use if you plan to add coolant to your car cooling system on your own.

Anaheim‘s Fisk Automotive has been providing professional automotive repair and engine cooling system service to Anaheim and North Orange County since 1973.  Owner Jack Crawley took over the operation in 2000 and has been on a quest to provide the highest level of service and repairs for cooling systems and all things automotive.

Call today at (714) 526-3303 for an appointment, or schedule an appointment online. Conveniently located for residents and local businesses within Fullerton and Anaheim, Fisk Automotive is at 820 West Commonwealth Ave just East of Euclid next to U-Haul in Fullerton, just 3 minutes west of the the old location.

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