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Do You Know How To Change A Tire Without Help?

Changing a TireDo you know how to change a tire without help? Many drivers are confident that they can, yet when the moment comes they are unsure how to start. Are you sure you know how to change a tire? Do you know where the wheel removal tools are? Is there a spare in your vehicle? What about the lifting device? What about that special lug nut that acts as an anti-theft deterrent? Most importantly, do you know how to do it safely?

Practice Changing a Tire Before a Flat Happens

Don’t get stranded on the side of the road! If you ever need to go over the basics or double-check to make sure you know what you need to do in an emergency, start with the owner’s manual or look at the spare tire procedure label in the trunk area. If you’ve never changed to a spare tire, try it sometime on your day off. Practicing will give you the confidence and skills to do it if your tire goes flat while you’re driving.

To begin, find all the necessary tools and make sure you’re doing it somewhere safe. If you are stranded on the side of the road and need to change a tire, try to maneuver your vehicle to a safe spot. Make sure the spare is easily accessible and check the air on your spare tire once in a while – if your spare has to be used you want to make sure it is safe to drive on.

Still not sure how to change?

Just let us know. We’ll be happy to show you what you might need to do in an emergency. By the way, one of the biggest challenges we face at our shop is locating where the special wheel nut socket (or lug nut socket) is located on cars that have a security style lug nut. Some folks keep them at home where they are safe. Not helpful if you have to remove the wheel! To ensure that you can change your tire if needed, keep the special wheel nut socket in your vehicle.

Last thought about changing a tire: If you do not feel capable or comfortable about changing a tire, consider a service club like AAA or check with your insurance company to add a roadside assistance plan. They usually are very reasonably priced and can make a bad situation a lot easier!

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