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Is Your Serpentine Belt Ready for a Replacement?

Is Your Serpentine Belt Ready for a Replacement?First of all, what is a serpentine belt? It’s not an accessory to keep up your pants, it’s a crucial part of your car’s functionality! It powers several components that are vital to your car’s drivability, transporting power to systems that make your car run. This includes the power steering pump, air conditioning, alternator, and water pump. Without power, these systems can’t run your vehicle.

Know When To Replace Your Belt

The serpentine belt can continue to function – and thus the systems it runs – can continue to work even when the belt is fraying. However, driving with a worn belt is taunting fate. Most serpentine belts are only good for 60,000-100,000 miles. Once the belt breaks, your vehicle loses multiple functions and is quickly becomes impossible to drive. If you see that your belt is missing large chunks, is loose, or is well-worn with tears, it’s a sign that it may be time to replace the serpentine belt.

It’s important to fix or replace your serpentine belt as needed, because a broken one can cause serious issues to your vehicle’s systems. Since the serpentine belt helps the alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, and other components run, a broken belt can harm these systems. Worse case scenario, a broken belt can cause damage your engine. Save your car from a potential breakdown and yourself from a large repair bill by ensuring that your serpentine belt is replaced when needed.

Are you unsure where to look for the belt, or you want a professional opinion? The mechanics at Fisk Automotive can help! Bring your car by for an inspection by our experienced auto technicians. We will check for worrisome cracks and worn grooves in your serpentine belt. We will be able to tell you whether it’s time for a replacement, or how long you can put off the repair. Get honest, professional, and friendly car advice from your local car repair shop.

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