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Transmission RepairTransmission repair Fullerton drivers seek, is at Fisk Automotive. When you need good clutch repair, you can’t just go to any random auto shop. Your clutch is an incredibly important part of your vehicle’s ability to function at all, let alone function at its prime.

If your car is your baby, or even if you just don’t want to have to keep bringing it back to the shop again and again, you need to find folks who know what they’re doing. The folks at Fisk Automotive have the experience and professionalism to handle clutch and transmission repair with the utmost care.

For manual transmission vehicles, your clutch is the bit that allows you to change gears, which makes its maintenance incredibly important. A faulty clutch can result in grinding gears or additional wear and tear that will decrease the life of your car.  Transmission repair is closely tied to clutch repair, since they can so easily affect one another. Slippage, leaking oil, or misalignment are all common causes of issues for both of these parts. If you’re riding your clutch too often, you could be causing significant wear to your discs.

Luckily, you don’t always have to go for the expensive new transmission. If your clutch repair has brought to light additional transmission issues, than you may need a replacement. Fisk Automotive works with JASPER transmissions, which are re-manufactured parts carefully inspected and reconstructed with new or re-qualified components. They’re rigorously tested to ensure they meet or exceed original standards. Best of all: they’re cost-efficient.

If you find that you need to think about a transmission replacement along with your clutch repair, you should absolutely consider one of these systems, and Fisk Automotive is a shop that is qualified to work with them. If you already have a JASPER system, great! If it needs any work at all, we can help.

Hopefully your clutch and transmission are staying strong and will last you for many miles to come. But if you do end up with a hiccup or two, Fisk Automotive is here for you whenever you need us no matter the repair oil change, brake repair, transmission repair and more. You can call for an appointment at (714) 526-3303, or conveniently schedule one online if it’s easier. We’ll be happy to meet you and get you back on the road!

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